Customizable software and hardware to harness big data and improve your business

Boxcar Central is a technology company that can give you the business advantage needed to automate, integrate, monitor, and control any type of environment. With our web-enabled interface–you’ll have 24/7 remote access to your operation from anywhere!

Got a Problem to Solve?

Software Controls + Automation Features

Boxcar Central provides a customizable, user-friendly platform of sensors, controllers, and software so you can remotely monitor and control all aspects of your operation.

Control large scale farming operations and manage them anytime, anywhere

Boxcar Central provides detailed insight into your farming operation. With solutions for growing your business and maximizing yields.

Create consistent batches that can be monitored on demand

Boxcar Central provides a customizable software and hardware options to maximize and perfect your brewing operations with remote 24/7 access.

Revolutionizing the way communities grow, distribute, and consume food.

We are driven to improve consistency and quality of products across the food, beverage, and agricultural industries. Our scalable software solutions have provided more than 300 global companies data-driven results.

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