Brewery Hardware Technical Specifications

Each control has:

  • Up to 250 VAC @ 10A
  • Up to 30 VDC @ 8A: Half of the above amperages for inductive loads such as solenoids
  • Higher power loads can be activated via a DIN-rail contactor mounted within our enclosure, if needed

For DC solenoids:

  • DC supply can be provided via DIN-RAIL power supplies within our enclosure
  • For DC solenoids, flyback diodes must be installed at connection to the solenoid (can be provided by Boxcar, along with instructions for connection)

For AC valves:

  • We can connect to the mains supply line, or a separate AC supply if needed (DIN-RAIL type preferred)

Sensors supported:

  • Our PLC is configurable for a WIDE range of sensor types and interfaces
  • Our current standard temperature sensor is a digital PT-1000 platinum RTD sensor (digital serial interface)
  • Analog RTD sensors (4-20mA, 0-10V, and other standards) are also possible, but may require factory calibration per device type prior to use
  • Other sensors are also available for specific applications
  • Custom sensor drivers can be developed for most commercial sensors available, if an interface specification and test unit can be provided

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