CEA Farm Operations

Maximize yields with the ability to scale quickly. Tracking progress from seed to sale.

24/7 Remote Access

Our software runs in the cloud, allowing you to monitor and control the farm from anywhere

Real-Time Data

Our automated software documents and sends live data so you’re the first to know if something isn’t right

Temperature Sensors

Maximize yields by making sure air and water temps are producing optimal growing conditions

Customized Analytics

Using custom analytics and graphs enhance plant quality and produce higher yields

Text & Email Alerts

If your farming environment falls out of set parameters, our cloud software sends alerts right to your mobile device

Lighting Controls

Our automated lighting controls allow you to create on and off zones, expediting growth time

Water Sensors

Monitor and control each farms’ temperature, pH levels, conductivity, and flow

Air Sensors

Monitor and control each farm’s O2, CO2, Temperature, and RH levels

Power Sensors

Gain valuable insight into each farm’s wattage usage per customized zone

Food Safety

Maintain food safety compliance (PRIMUS, HGAP+)

Finance, Sales, and Purchasing

Integrate with single sign-on sales orders, e-commerce and accounting software

Business Management

Our software also includes tools for managing your production, growth schedules, and tasks

Inventory Management

Integrate and monitor your inventory to accurately forecast sales and minimize waste

Barcodes and Labels

Our system allows you to print date and Lot # while also being scan ready for retail

Shipping and Logistics

You’ll have visibility and maintenance of new, in progress, and shipped orders. 

Lettuce Help You Get Growing

Our software and water, lighting, and temperature controls can be outfitted to meet your CEA farming needs.

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